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Joe Doman

Joe Doman is a Deputy Warden with the Utah Department of Corrections Training Division.  He has worked with UDC since 1995, working his way through the ranks as an Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. He has been in the law enforcement field since 1990. 

Joe attended the Crisis Intervention Team Training in 2007 at the Salt Lake City Police Department.  He worked in the Olympus Mental Health Unit at the Utah State Prison for three years and continues to work there on occasion filling in for vacant positions.  He has been a CIT Coordinator for the CIT Corrections Academy for approximately five years, hosting four CIT academies a year.  Joe has completed the CIT International Coordinator Certification and teaches classes in Response to the Mental Health Crisis to cadets that are attending the Special Functions Block of the Police Academy for POST and Corrections. 

Joe is also a Peer Support member and serves as the Utah Public Employees Association President for the Law Enforcement District.

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