CIT Utah

CIT History

Memphis, Tennessee is credited with the first program started in 1988 and has since become a best practice model known as the Memphis Model. Jurisdictions throughout the nation and other countries have adopted programs based on the Memphis Model.  

In Utah, State and local agencies, created a committee in 2000 to evaluate how law enforcement and communities throughout the country dealt with mental health issues. The Memphis CIT Program was identified and selected as the model for the State of Utah.

In 2007, a group of national experts partnered with the University of Memphis to develop the "Crisis Intervention Team Core Elements" document that details the Memphis Model.  That document can be viewed by clicking on the core elements link to the left.

In 2008, CIT International, Inc. was founded with CIT Utah being represented as a founding member on its Board of Directors. For further information regarding CIT International, please visit the CIT International site at:

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