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CIT Utah is a nonprofit agency that is governed by a volunteer board. These board members are made up of accomplished professionals from law-enforcement, mental health, and advocacy (individuals and family members with lived experience). In addition, the board receives feedback from CIT regional coordinators who serve as the CIT Utah Advisory Committee.
CIT Utah administers the national, Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program for the State of Utah. CIT Utah provides oversight and support in training of law enforcement officers in effective methods of crisis response, de-escalation, and resolution. CIT Utah helps to develop effective community crisis response systems. Depending on the circumstances, law enforcement officers may be the first responders and other times, are present to provide support to the mental health professionals.

CIT Utah adheres to best practice guidelines for law enforcement response to behavioral health crisis situations.  This can be critical in providing safety and support for the individuals in crisis, their families, law-enforcement, and entire communities.
CIT Utah can assist with initiating and fostering relationships, if needed, to develop community resources to build the best possible crisis response system in the community.

Administrative Benefits

CIT Utah is able to provide state certification for officers who have completed a 40-hour CIT Academy through our program. The state certification is awarded by the Utah State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. This may benefit agencies for backing and support of possible litigation if the officer and agency are part of the CIT Utah program that is endorsed by the Utah Department of Health and Human Services.

CIT Utah manages the database for all CIT-certified officers. We send notifications when their certifications expire; help manage and approve recertification efforts; and update their certification in the database.

CIT Utah receives funding through the State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to provide training, materials, and support in administering the 40-hour training academies in local communities. As part of this process, CIT Utah will reimburse those agencies that require overtime of their officers who assist in scenario training, refreshments served in the academies, and other related expenses.

CIT Utah provides all training materials for those officers in their respective academies. This includes a copy of all presentations, schedules, evaluations, scenarios, voices equipment, scenario equipment, videos, examinations, certificates, and uniform pins. The content of the various presentations is made available, if desired, to our partner agencies upon request. CIT Utah can also make presentations if the academy presenter is unable to find a specific presenter in their community.

CIT Utah emphasizes consistency in training throughout the state of Utah, so all communities who participate in the CIT Utah program have comparable and similar training. With this approach, the regional coordinators’ advisory committee offers advice, suggestions, and modifications in programming to meet specific needs that are unique to various communities.

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