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Supporting Best Practice

Promoting response to mental health crises with teams of specially-trained members made up of law enforcement, criminal justice services, behavioral healthcare services, and behavioral health advocates.

Elected Officials

CIT Utah honors and respects the work of elected officials and policy makers across the state. We have assembled information to help elected officials understand the value that Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) can bring to local areas.

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement is any vital member of any successful Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). Integrating CIT into law enforcement agencies can save the department money, provide specialized assistance and produce better outcomes for those in crisis, their family members and to the officers themselves.

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Mental Health Specialists

As part of a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT), Mental Health Providers are on call to offer specialized help to community members facing mental health crises. Learn more about the CIT resources available to mental health specialists.

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People With Lived Experience and Advocates

People battling mental health issues and their families know how important Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) are when facing a crisis. Find out if CIT best practices are available in your area.

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For the Media

We have gathered resources for members of media working to understand and produce content that includes information about Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT).

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CIT Utah works to facilitate understanding, development and implementation of Crisis Intervention Team programs throughout the State of Utah.

        -CIT Utah Mission

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