Zara Juillerat

Director of the Board, CIT Utah, Inc.

Zara Juillerat was Director of Human Resources for nearly 20 years, first at Morris Travel from 1975 to 1988 and later at Franklin Covey from 1988 to 1993.  She is currently Co-Owner/Operator of a small business representing World’s Finest Chocolate with her husband. 

Zara became involved with NAMI Utah in 2006, first as a Family-to-Family Program Teacher and then as a Family-to-Family Program State Trainer.  Zara became a Board Member of NAMI Utah in 2008, acted as Board President from September 2011 to January 2014, and is currently a member of the board’s Executive Committee.

Zara’s first involvement with CIT came during her son’s illness and subsequent break in 2006.  Zara watched as CIT officers were able to safely diffuse a situation involving her son, and was both relieved and impressed with the knowledge and skill that allowed the officers to control the situation, aid in finding help, and most of all, secure her son without any bodily injury.  As Zara began to volunteer with NAMI, she worked closely with then-CIT Utah Program Director Ron Bruno, and in the intervening years they have had the opportunity to work on several projects together.  Zara has seen firsthand the effectiveness of CIT training, and is a very strong and active advocate for its continued growth and support.

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