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CIT Utah, Inc.

During October of 2015, eleven individuals with dedication, passion, and expertise in criminal justice / behavioral health systems integration formed a nonprofit corporation whose primary purpose is to facilitate understanding, development, and implementation of Crisis Intervention Team programs throughout the State of Utah.  As such, the name of CIT Utah, Inc., was chosen.

These individuals formed the organization to take the CIT Utah program to the next level by making it a true entity of itself.  An entity where advocating for additional funds and enhancements in supportive laws can be conducted.  They formed the organization to allow the CIT Utah program to have full equity where no one agency receives benefit over another.  They formed the organization to allow the CIT Utah program to have true statewide leadership from law enforcement services, behavioral healthcare services, criminal justice services, and behavioral health advocates.  

The members of the Board have over one hundred years of combined experience with CIT and the CIT Utah program.  The members of the Board include four current CIT Utah Regional Coordinators, four CIT Utah academy instructors, an original CIT Utah steering committee member as well as the past and now current CIT Utah Program Director.  The Board includes members of law enforcement, criminal justice services, behavioral healthcare services, and behavioral health advocates.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to conduct all business of the nonprofit corporation; oversee contracts; identify and secure funding; provide information to and assist with educating members of the legislature regarding criminal justice and behavioral health integration issues; and advise on major policy issues of the CIT Utah program.

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CIT Utah Advisory Council

The statewide CIT Utah program is made up of CIT Utah regional programs. In those mental health regions that choose to participate in the statewide program, the mental health authority for that region partners with a law enforcement agency of that region to develop and sustain a regional program.  The mental health authority, as well as the law enforcement agency, designate individuals of their organizations as CIT Utah Regional Coordinators.  Specialized programs, such as the CIT for Corrections program, also identify individuals as CIT Coordinators.

These coordinators, as well as representation from the program's administration, representation from the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, and representation from other partnered organizations make up the CIT Utah Advisory Council.  

It is the responsibility of the CIT Utah Advisory Council to recommend standards, curriculum,  and training.  It is also the responsibility of the Council to recommend the certification and recertification process for peace officers to be certified as CIT Utah Officers.

CIT, more than just training!

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